More than

you think

When you become a household name for a community, you have two options; add more seats at the table or close the doors.

The Country Women’s Association Australia (CWAA), a leading women’s association in Australia needed to change the perception of its organisation from old ladies to one of advancing rights and equality for women.


As the CWAA is in service in many different communities, the captivating content pushes the boundaries; the organisation needed the campaign to reflect its expanding culture of inclusiveness. 

The solution began with honouring the heritage of CWAA with a playful twist. It started with what it is known for - baking. Then to amplify the nature of the campaign, a custom typeface was created and a photographic style portraying a quirkiness added.
The campaign aimed to invite viewers to find out more and be part of it.


Student Project 2019

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Identity

  • Copywriting